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It is the declared objective of HRG Sports Consulting to provide comprehensive and professional advice to our clients while getting the best possible value for their budget. We are very confident indeed that we can make a real difference to your travel costs and process optimisation efforts without compromising quality, be it as operating partner or in a consulting capacity.

Our proximity to one of the leading global players in the corporate travel industry, our business expertise and thorough understanding of how such fast-moving markets as business travel operate, have made HRG Sports Consulting a household name in consulting, delivering impartial analyses and clear recommendations.

In a first step, we will examine your corporate travel budget in its as-is status, looking at both internal processes and the service providers you are using. This is followed up by concrete proposals on how best to reduce travel costs and benefit from a higher degree of travel security, for example by negotiating with airlines, railway operators, hotels, and car hire firms, as well as by optimising internal processes and introducing travel guidelines. A carefully prepared and consistently applied set of Corporate Travel Guidelines will enable clients to realise annual travel cost reductions up to 30 percent and more.

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